Works I directed, shot or edit

Kinsfolk - Music Video


A music video I made with Lenka Gmitrova (lenkagmitro.com) for the band Kinsfolk. It involved a rich writing process where we got together references and ideas and then produced this nuances-packed music video.

ft. Chili Ta


It was a more spontaneous project I did for the influencer Chili Ta and the rapper LOVEVEM. It was cold, it was dark, we bought coffee, and the amazing Chili started dancing to the LOVEVEM's song, while I was circling around with the camera. The whole project was co-directed by Ondrej Bojo and edited by Lenka Gmitrova.

Sofa Sella


A commercial for the new product from the furniture company Domark. It's all about the sensual act of choosing a new sofa for your cozy home. It's about love.

Feel The Comfort


A commercial video for the furniture company Domark. The message came from the idea that the most comfortable way to accomplish something isn't necessarily always the best way. Sometimes a little struggle can go a long way.

McDonald's Social


Little commercial skits for McDonald's CZ/SK.

Salsita - Brand Video

Post-production director/vfx artist

Salsita Software asked us to create a brand video which would represent the spirit of their company. This video involved a lot of planning and VFX. The video was produced by Silencio FX, post-production company.


Director, producer,

Talks by Janine is an interview show I was lucky to Direct and Co-Produce with the Czech fashion designer Janine herself. I have also Directed and shot several other interviews, and interview-style commercials.

Go-Flo® - Flower App Ad


It was a very positive one-day shoot with ver talented actors and a great crew. It's about the joy flowers and its meaning and symbolism can bring to a person, and the ease of choice and order that only the go-flo® app can offer.

Eliska Buckova - Real Estate

Camera, co-director

I shot this real estate video with Eliska Buckova, the Czech Miss 2008, to sell the flat she lives in to a new owner. In this endeavour the video was successful and the property was bought within the first month specifically because of the real estate video featuring the Eliska.

Lenny - Figure It Out

Color Grade

I had the opportunity to color grade this music video for Lenny, which Lenka Gmitrova (www.lenkagmitro.com) edited



I was called to edit these short spots that Petr Ctvrtnicek directed. We had a lot of fun doing these. These were 3 commercial spots that eventually went viral to promote a loan.

TV Spot

Color grade

commercial for Dog Food I color graded for Silencio FX,

Violin Makers for Kozel Beer


A commercial mini-documentary about Czech violin makers and their traditions, focused on

Animated Works

I Worked For


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Creator, storyteller and craftsman Martin Marko specializes on animating TV  packshots, taking moody commercial photos with heart and developing ideas into short commercial films, ads, music videos.

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